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Podcast Ep 7: Christmas Inheritance

In Episode 7, it’s Christmas Inheritance up for discussion – Netflix’s 2017 film overlooked by the inescapable snowball of A Christmas Prince. Is it an overlooked gem or forgettable nonsense? Also, Hannah and Naomi discuss the possibilities of a Christmas Movie Cookbook!

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Podcast Ep 6: The Holiday Calendar

We’re back for Episode 6 to discuss The Holiday Calendar! There’s a confusion of Bradleys, Hannah makes a comparison to Bulletproof Monk and Naomi wonders if this film would be any different if it didn’t feature a calendar at all.

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Podcast Ep 5: A Wish for Christmas

In Episode 5, we discuss A Wish for Christmas starring one of Hallmark’s Queens of Christmas Lacey Chabert. Naomi makes her case as to why this movie is surprisingly feminist and Hannah reveals a shocking truth about her history with teen classic Mean Girls. Also, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done with your boss?

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The Christmas Chronicles: Rock ‘n’ Roll Santa

So far this year, I’ve mostly been watching Christmas romances, very much in the Hallmark tradition, even when they’re Netflix originals. However, Netflix’s algorithm hasn’t failed in producing that other holiday staple, a wholesome family adventure where Santa Claus is real and Christmas itself is in need of saving. Step forward The Christmas Chronicles, with not-very-jolly Kurt Russell as the coolest Santa seen on screen.

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All The Christmas Princes

When instructing Hannah on which film to watch for our upcoming first podcast episode, it was more difficult than I thought. Did I mean A Prince for Christmas, A Christmas Princess or My Christmas Prince? Though it may be the most infamous, A Christmas Prince is far from the first made-for-tv movie to tell the story of an all-American girl finding love with a handsome royal in non-specific central Europe during the holidays. I dove in to the regal festivities and watched three more of these variations on a formula this week: A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas and Crown for Christmas.

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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – is Aldovia an absolute monarchy?

A Christmas Prince is a perfect cookie cutter of a made-for-TV Christmas film. It’s built on the classic Cinderella tale of a wholesome everyday girl being swept off her feet by a dashing European Prince with an inexplicably British accent (see A Royal Christmas, A Princess for Christmas, The Princess Switch or the gender-flipped Once Upon A Holiday). There are all the usual royal shenanigans, including an American not understanding proper etiquette, evil cousins vying for the throne and a stern older relative who wants to uphold traditions clashing with a younger royal who wants to follow their heart. It reliably hits a huge number of the familiar Christmas bingo card beats. There’s a snowball fight, baking cookies, Christmas carols and ornaments being hung on a tree. The movie meets every cosy requirement I have for Christmas viewing. It’s also completely batshit.

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